About us

Fritz d.o.o. is an expert producer and distributer of natural dietary supplements from medicinal mushrooms. Our business operations are based in Croatia, but our products are shipped all over the world. Since the earliest beginnings of our venture (2010), we have cooperated with expert breeders, veterinarians, as well as pet owners, intreating animals with medicinal mushrooms for various conditions. The experience we gained is our most valuable asset. Working with animals, whether pets or livestock, made us aware of their vulnerability and dependency upon humans. We are focused on bringing high-quality animal vitality products to worldwide markets.

Our company is built around a team of experts with over 10 years of practical experience in food supplement production and delivery. Our production is based both in Croatia and Slovenia, where facilities and laboratories are supported by close proximity to very high quality mountain water wells, a compound used extensively in our production process.

Fritz d.o.o. was registered in the Commercial Court under number MBS 080746004 and filed in the Register of Registered Animal Production Facilities under HR19121004.

We are dealing with the production and distribution of nutrition supplements based on medical mushrooms.


Company Information:

Fritz d.o.o. is a limited liability company for catering and trade
IBAN: HR3924020061100586352
The Company is registered in the register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under number 080746004.
MBS: 080746004
OIB: 94388713226
The share capital of the company amounts to HRK 21,600.00 and is paid in full.
Member of the Board: Marin Tomičić and Dario Žigolić