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These terms apply to the sale of products published on the website By using these web pages, the declares that it is familiar with and agrees with the General Business Terms and Conditions of Purchase. A buyer of goods is an internet store visitor who selects at least one product, fills up an electronic order form and sends it to the Seller.

It is considered that the General Terms of Business and the terms of the Purchase are accepted in full and order. By using these web sites, the User acknowledges that he is familiar with and agrees with the General Terms and Conditions of Use and Use. The holder of all rights to the internet site is a trading company Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as Q i.p.).

Terms of Use prescribe the terms and conditions for Users and refer to the use of the web site By using the Website, Users agree to comply with the General Terms and Conditions of Use and agree to use the web site in accordance with them. Users are advised to familiarize themselves with these Terms and Conditions prior to their purchase, and they are regularly checked to be familiar with all rights and obligations.

These Purchase Terms are a part of the Sellers obligations under the Consumer Protection Act and are designed to ensure that the Buyer prior to reaching a distance contract is informed in a clear and comprehensible manner of a number of circumstances relevant to the conclusion, execution, termination of the contract and all compliance with the law.

The term Seller refers therefore to the company Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o., Zagreb, 2. Vrbik 6, OIB: 94388713226, Phone: 098 / 364-427, E-mail:, W:

The Right to Use the Website is a personal right of the User and cannot be transferred to any other natural or legal person in any way or to any other person authorized to report to other natural or legal persons.

The purchase agreement between the Buyer and the Seller has been concluded with the order of the product.

A customer can only be an adult and a business-capable person. The contract on behalf of and for the account of a minor and completely incompetent persons can be concluded by their legal representatives or guardians, and the partially able-bodied persons can conclude a contract only with the consent of their legal representative or guardian. For breach of this provision Seller shall not be held liable.

The user is personally responsible for protecting the confidentiality of the password, in places where they exist as such. The user is required to provide correct, complete, and valid personal information when completing the registration form. By doing so, it authorizes the Seller to deny such access to or access to all or part of the services it offers.

The user is aware of the fact that sometimes service breaks are occurring, or events outside  the control of Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o. and accepts that company Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o. is not responsible for any loss of data that may occur during the transmission of information on the Internet. The user agrees and agrees that access to the Internet pages may sometimes be interrupted, temporarily inaccessible or disabled.

Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o. reserves the right at any time and without prior notice, if it considers it necessary, to abolish or modify the content of the General Terms of Business, Product Assortment, Product Price or Website Content Therefore, Users must, prior to each use of the web site, review the Content of the General Terms of Business. Contrary to the action, the Seller frees any liability. These changes take effect by posting on

Use of the web site of is solely to the User’s responsibility. The Seller is relieved of any liability for damages that may arise when visiting the Internet Site as a result of unlawful acts of third parties, computer viruses, interruption in the communication line, unauthorized access, inappropriate behaviour, negligence and similar and other cases for which he or she is not responsible Seller. The Seller is relieved of any liability in the event of circumstances that make it impossible to use the web site. The terms of this chapter apply to the entire contents of the web site

The Seller fully disclaims any liability for the accuracy and / or completeness of any information and content contained on the Web site. Q i.p. retains the right to describe the product description and image in accordance with manufacturers instructions. All content posted on the web site is set to help customers make choices when shopping. We do not respond to unintentional errors.

Q i.p. All the materials, photos and texts are placed on the web site in good faith to help customers make choices when purchasing. Q i.p.


Company Information:

Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o. is a limited liability company for catering and trade
IBAN: HR3924020061100586352
The Company is registered in the register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under number 080541143.
MBS: 08054114
OIB: 94388713226
The share capital of the company amounts to HRK 20,000.00 and is paid in full.
Member of the Board: Marin Tomičić and Dario Žigolić


Meaning of the terms mentioned in these general terms:

Seller – trading company Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o., 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
registered in the court register of the Commercial Court in Zagreb under number 080746004.
OIB: 94388713226– a web site owned by the Seller.
Buyer – Any person who, after reviewing and selecting a product or service, has registered his / her data and ordered the product or service.
“Q i.p.” – any person who uses the “” website for the purpose of purchasing products advertised on the same or obtaining information about a particular product.
Using “Q i.p.” – access the site to get information about the content of the same and / or accomplish the web store.
Online Shopping or Web Store – Acquiring a Product through “”
Products – all products featured on “”, which can be purchased via the web store.

Payment methods

Payment on the internet site is done in kunas. Prices are retail, expressed in kunas and include the corresponding VAT. The price of each product is determined for each product individually. The cost-cutting process on the site is a highly controlled process, but the costing of a human factor requirement implies a possible mistake. All prices are valid for online shopping.

Seller is entitled to change prices without prior notice as authorized without prior notice to change prices exclusively for web shop. Also, the Seller is authorized without any prior notice at any time to determine discount, daily or weekly actions, actions for a particular product, product group and / or all products. These benefits may be exclusive to web shopping, which will be indicated to the buyer prior to the purchase itself.

Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph of these General Terms and Conditions, all goods ordered will be delivered at the prices that were applicable when making the bid.

Web commerce – concluding and terminating sales contracts

An online purchase can only be made if the buyer registers on the “” site. When completing the registration form, the buyer is required to provide accurate, valid and complete personal data. These Terms and Conditions, as well as certain sales terms marked with information on certain products, represent the offer Q i.p. for the conclusion of the Contract and as a customer as a customer by its registration, by ordering the order or otherwise determined by these Terms, the same shall be deemed to be deemed to have been concluded between the buyer and the Q i.p. under the terms and conditions of sale specified in these Terms.

The subject and the commercial purpose of the Contract is to purchase the selected product or service through the “Q i.p.” web store, subject to payment of the appropriate fee – the price of that product or service. The contract is concluded with the means of distance communication (contract concluded remotely) via: internet order-web store, telephone with human mediation.

The buyer is authorized to choose the option to inform the Seller of new products, products on sale, etc. (newsletter). After a successful registration (properly filled in all the required information), an order confirmation will be sent to the buyer’s e-mail.

Products that can be purchased are advertised on "" and each product contains information about product specifications and price. Choose the desired product by saving it to the “shopping cart” by clicking on the “Shopping Cart” link. If the Buyer makes a purchase of a product that is sold in the meantime, then the Seller will contact the Buyer for further negotiation (refund of the amount paid, purchase of another product or delivery of the same type of Product when Seller obtains from their suppliers). Seller, other than the aforementioned obligation, does not respond to the Buyer in the described case on any grounds.

In the “basket” are all products that the Buyer has chosen to purchase together with the price of the product and the delivery price and the total price (VAT included). If the Buyer wishes to continue purchasing, he chooses the “Payout” link and the system automatically leads it to the “Quick Order” page where you need to enter the relevant product delivery information, such as the delivery address, the payment method (viral payment or payout). Account details may change in relation to whether an account is received by a natural or legal person. If the account is received by a legal person, the buyer must enter all required information.

Upon completion of the above-mentioned web store steps and by selecting “Order” on the “Quick Order” page, the system automatically leads the Buyer to the “Order Confirmation” page, which contains order number, payment information, and dispatch notification confirmation.


1. Payment to account Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o.
IBAN: HR3924020061100586352 Call Number: Number of Bids
Recipient: Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o., 2. Vrbik 6, 10000 Zagreb
We will send the ordered products upon receipt. Ordered products are delivered to the buyer according to the delivery conditions.
In the case of e-banking and general payment payments, payment and / or interbank transactions are not included in the price.

2. Cash in cash when picking up the product at the delivery company
Payment by Paypal allows the Customer to place orders on delivery at the specified address only when the product is seen in front of it. Payments are made exclusively in cash, while the deliverer is delivered to the given address. In the event that the recipient is not able to receive the shipment at the defined delivery address at the time of delivery, the consignor leaves a notice of arrival of the shipment.


1. Shipping Cost

Delivery for all orders over 250 HRK purchased in Q i.p. the internet store is free for the whole of Croatia. The shipping cost for orders less than 250 HRK is clearly defined in the ordering process.

Products paid in accordance with the delivered offer will be delivered to the courier service within one to three business days, provided orders are received by 13h – Monday through Friday, counting from the date of payment. Courier services generally deliver the goods the next working day after receipt, except the islands and the Dubrovnik region). Although the seller is reluctant to comply with delivery deadlines, delays are possible in cases of high demand for a particular product, defect or other unforeseeable cases.

If the Buyer wishes to arrange the appropriate delivery term, this should be noted under NOTE so that the buyers wish can be transferred to the delivery service.

If the customer does not receive notice that the contract is concluded after the completion of the ordering process it is suggested to check:

  • Is the message in the Junk / Spam folder
  • Is the mailbox full

In the event that the payment is not effected within the specified period, the Seller will also act upon the subsequent payment outside of the delivery deadline of the purchased products and if it cannot make the delivery for justified reasons, the contract will unilaterally terminate and reimburse the paid funds. If payment is made and visible in Sellers account, the Seller will access the delivery of the ordered products. The order form is delivered to the shipment together with the goods or in electronic form, by electronic mail.

Ordered products are delivered to the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia. Delivery is done through reputable courier services.

If the delivery of the selected product appears due to the fact that the product no longer exists, the Seller is obliged to inform the Buyer immediately, and the Buyer has the right to terminate the contract and request a refund or agree to a later delivery deadline. All ordered items will endeavour to be delivered in one package. If this is not possible due to inventory, the Seller reserves the right to deliver to more than one shipment.

Delivery is performed in accordance with the terms of use of the delivery service, and is deemed to be effected at the time of delivery of the product to the delivery service. Unfortunately, the Seller is not able to influence the delivery speed and possible complications related to delivery delivered by the delivery service. For each shipment the Buyer verifies and signs the delivery note upon receipt of the shipment.

2. Delivery process

Delivery is done by the Seller by engaging a reputable courier service. The products will be packed in such a way that they cannot be damaged by common manipulation in transportation. The buyer is obliged to check for possible damages when picking up the product and immediately advertise to the delivery worker who delivered the goods, ie refuse to accept the shipment where there are visible external damage. The buyer is obligated to sign the delivery note or invoice when picking up the goods and the delivery service is taken as a takeover certificate.

In cases where the product is delivered to the Buyer different from the one it has purchased, the same is entitled to delivery of the ordered product and if it is not possible the Buyer is entitled to refund the amount of the paid product price, the delivery price and the refund of the product return costs wrong product delivered.

In the event that the Seller of the purchased Product is not able to deliver within the specified time, it will inform the Buyer about the new delivery deadline. In this case, the Buyer is also entitled to termination of the Contract.

When delivering, with the purchased product, the Buyer receives all the documents accompanying the product (Users Guide, Warranty Sheet), account, and receipt of the shipment that is required to sign. By signing a receipt on receipt of a consignment, it is considered that the product has been taken without any visible damage to the outside.

The goods are secured from the loss of delivery. Delivery prices are displayed on “” and include the corresponding VAT.

When processing the shipment, the Buyer receives a notification of the status of his shipment.


1. Return

Only a Buyer who has entered into a Distance Contract as described above has the right, without giving reasons for this, unilaterally terminate the contract within 14 days. The 14-day period begins to run from the date on which the Purchaser or a third party designated by the Buyer, who is not the carrier / supplier, the goods constituting the subject of the contract being surrendered. If the Buyer ordered one or more pieces of goods to be delivered separately, ie if the goods are delivered in more than one piece or more, the time limit begins to run from the day when the last piece or last consignment of the goods is delivered.

If the Seller fails to notify the Buyer of this right, the Buyers right to unilateral termination of the contract shall expire within 12 months of the expiration of the term of the termination (the 12-month period begins to run after the expiry of the 14-day deadline provided for regular termination in the event of duly notified). If a notice of unilateral termination is served within 12 months, the right to unilateral termination shall expire after the expiration of 14 days from the date on which the Buyer receives such notice.

The buyer is obligated prior to the expiration of the unilateral termination deadline to notify the Seller of his decision to terminate the contract by means of the Single-Term Unbundling Agreement available here and which can be filled in electronically and sent to the following e-mail address: . Confirmation of the receipt of a notice of unilateral termination of the contract, Seller shall submit, without delay, by electronic mail. The consumer is responsible for the cost of goods return.

It is considered that the Buyer has fulfilled his obligation in time, if before the expiry of the above-mentioned deadline, sends the goods in a provisional manner (recommended with the shipment) personally to the Seller in his warehouse. The buyer is responsible for any impairment of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods, which does not entail the opening of the shipment and the package in order to make sure that the purchased product is indeed inside the packaging. If the product is returned defective, with major damages or parts and documentation, and if it is not delivered within a further period of 8 days, it is considered that the Buyer has not fulfilled its obligation to return the goods and the Seller is not required to make a refund of the funds paid.

2. Right to Return

Buyer is not entitled to one-sided termination of contract if:

  • the Service Contract is fully completed by the Seller and the fulfilment has commenced with explicit prior consent of the Buyer and with his confirmation that he is aware of the fact that he will lose the right to one-sided termination of the contract if the service is fully met;
  • the subject of a contract of goods or services whose price is dependent on changes in the financial market that are outside the influence of the Seller and which may arise during the term of the Customers right to a one-off termination of the contract;
  • the object of the contract is a goods made by the Buyers specification or clearly defined for the Buyer;
  • the subject of the contract is easily perishable goods or goods that expire rapidly and the Buyer has been informed;
  • the subject of the contract is sealed goods which, due to health or hygienic reasons, is not eligible for return if it was cleared after delivery;
  • the subject of a contract of commodity which, because of its nature, is inseparably blended with other things after delivery;
  • the subject of a contract for the supply of alcoholic beverages whose price is contracted at the time of the conclusion of the contract and the delivery can only be effected after 30 days if the price is dependent on market changes that are beyond the influence of the trader;
  • the subject of a contract for the supply of newspapers, periodicals or magazines, with the exception of subscription contracts for such publications;
  • a contract concluded in a public auction;

In order for the User to exercise the right to unilaterally terminate the Contract, he / she must notify Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o. about its decision to terminate the Contract unilaterally before the deadline expires.
The User is obligated to deliver or deliver to the Seller without unnecessary delay and in any case no later than 14 (fourteen) days after the date of Q i.p., he has made his decision to terminate the Contract unilaterally.
The direct costs of the goods return must be borne by the user himself. The user is requested to call the telephone number 01/5810 648 before the termination of the contract or contact to explain the process of returning the goods.

3. Complaint

If the Buyer finds that the delivered product is defective or not satisfied with the first use, it is necessary to contact the Seller and follow the steps outlined below.

Send information by order number, account number or username and description of complaint by e-mail to, phone number +385 98 / 364-427.
The seller will send a receipt for the claim and on the basis of the description of the product, whether the product can be replaced for the new one, whether the product can be repaid for the product or the product should be sent to an authorized service.
In cases where the product can be replaced for the new one and when the product can return the money, Customer Service is sent to the buyer address to collect the advertised product and return it to the Sellers warehouse. In the case of replacement of the product, at the Buyers address the Seller may send a new product, upon which delivery the delivery service and the advertised product will be delivered.
When the product arrives at the warehouse, we send a notification of money back. Refunds will be made within 2-3 days and not later than 15 days. Otherwise, contact us at 098 / 364- 427 or e-mail us at
If the shipment is damaged in transport, such damage is visible when picking up the shipment and in this case we ask the Buyer not to take over the shipment. Please contact us to check the shipment status as soon as possible and send us a new one.
We believe that we will be pleased to solve your complaint.

4. Warranty

The guarantee period is indicated for each product or service. If the warranty period does not include the product or service, it is not warranted.

The warranty period begins to run on the day of delivery of the product. We reserve the right to repair the product in case of failure during the warranty period.

Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy

According to the law of the Republic of Croatia on the protection of personal data, personal data is defined as any information relating to an identified natural person or personally identifiable information, identifying the identity directly or indirectly. We treat this information as personal information.

Data processing is any action made on personal data such as collecting, storing, using, inspecting, and transferring personal data.

The head of the personal data collection is available via mail or at the address of the companys head office at 2. Vrbik 6, 10000 Zagreb.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data in accordance with EU regulations and the Implementation Act of the General Data Protection Regulation are as follows:

  • When you agree to process
  • When it is necessary to conclude or execute a contract,
  • For the purpose of fulfilling the legal obligations,
  • For the legitimate interests of Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o., measured against your rights in terms of personal data protection,
  • When necessary for legal purposes.

When and how Q i.p. collects user data?

Q inteligent agriculture d.o.o. collects personal information of Buyers only to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of their obligations, ie for which there is a legitimate interest and for which Customer has the buyers right to information, customer support and marketing.

Q i.p. undertakes to protect the Customers personal information in accordance with the Act on the Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation and undertakes not to disclose personal information to third parties without the consent of the Buyer (except for legitimate information for the purpose of delivering the purchased product).

Processing of personal information that is based on a legitimate interest or is a contractual obligation is carried out by maintaining the highest standards of security and business. Buyer can at any time complain about the processing of their personal data based on their specific situation. The customer has the right to request the addition, correction or modification of incorrect personal data.

This does not include cases in which the Seller is obliged to submit or permit access to Customers personal data in accordance with a valid order of authorized state bodies, in accordance with the law.

If you provide data on behalf of another person, you must ensure that this person is familiar with these privacy policies before you do so. If you are under the age of 16, please do not provide us with any information without the consent of your parent or guardian.

Please update your information by notifying us of any changes to your contact information or preference.

1. We collect data when purchasing at and for the purpose of delivering the product

When shopping at, we ask you for certain personal information that is necessary to fulfil the service and purchase. Providing personal data for the purpose of selling is a contractual obligation and if you do not provide them, this will affect the performance of the contract or even disable it.

For the purpose of delivering products ordered via, you must enter your personal information (name, surname, delivery address, phone number and e-mail address).
Legitimate access to customer information, including name and surname and address of delivery, is accessible to the employees of the delivery service with whom Q i.p. has concluded an agreement on delivery of the ordered products via internet store.
Q i.p. do not capture your credit card number or store transaction data. Q i.p. the card payment is used by a third party service, an authorized bank, which encrypts your data.

2. We collect and process data if you contact us directly

The information we receive by direct contact from buyers who contact us for product and service information:

  • Via the form at
  • Direct mail
  • By phone call
  • Live in the office of the company

The data thus collected are used only for the processing of requested information and user inquiries and for the purpose of ensuring a good user experience. The buyers and users of the internet site agree to process personal information in accordance with the Implementation Act of the General Data Protection Act and in accordance with the requested query.

3. When submitting newsletters to subscribers

Q i.p. collects email addresses of users used to send newsletters or electronic messages containing promotional messages, offers and news from the health and healthy lifestyle.

4. Collection for the purpose of providing customer support and marketing

Q i.p. Buyer can use personal information to inform about new and action products as well as the delivery of promotional materials, newsletters and enhancement of customer relations.

If access to data for marketing purposes is provided by third service providers, they are described in detail below.

Who are the subjects with whom Q i.p. can you share personal information?

1. Provider service for sending e-mail promotional messages

Q i.p. collaborates with third-party service providers to carry out email sending activities, advertising and analysing the use of our sites and apps, and tracking campaign performance.

We share personal information only to the extent necessary to perform the service on our behalf. Below you can check who the third party service providers are required to collaborate:

Mailchimp – an automated email delivery platform that allows us to send newsletters
Google – Google Analytics used to track Web statistics and demographics and web user behaviour. We use it to monitor the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

2. Providers of services required to conclude or execute a contract

Customer Access Based Buyers with Personal Data Buyers with Q i.p. for the purpose of concluding or executing a contract or purchasing in Q i.p. trade and delivery of products have:

Plavi Pixel d.o.o., a company specializing in Web Publishing solutions
Delivery services with which Q i.p. has concluded an agreement on delivery of the ordered products via internet store.
A product seller in a specific purchasing process when Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o. an authorized trade representative (see General Terms and Conditions of Other Terms) in which case the seller who issues the invoice and delivers goods must have information about the Buyer. In this case the buyer-users personal information is transmitted to the seller: name, surname, address (if necessary, e-mail address or contact telephone number when delivering).

Cookie policy

To make the sites work properly, they have to save a small amount of information (Cookies) to the computer user. According to EU regulations, Q i.p. Before you save Cookies, you must request user consent.

By using the internet store website, the user agrees to use Cookie.

By deactivating cookies, the user decides whether to allow cookies to be stored on their computer. The cookie settings can be controlled and configured in the web browser that the user uses to browse the web site. If a user disables cookies there is a possibility that the site will not be able to use some of the functionality provided by Q i.p..

If you want more information about cookies and removal from the browser, click here.

What kind of cookies does the Q i.p. and why?

Temporary cookies – these are temporary cookies that point out (and are automatically deleted) when you close the Internet browser. We use them to allow access to content and allow you to do things that you can do when logging in with your data.

Persistent cookies usually have an expiration date in the future and will remain in your browser until it expires or until you manually delete it. Q i.p. uses permanent cookies for functionalities like “remembering” that the user is logged on the page, making it easier for you as a registered user to use We also use durable cookies to better understand user habits and thereby improve the page according to user-friendly usage. This information is anonymous – we do not see individual user information.

These are examples of third parties that provide analysis and marketing data processing services:

Measurement of attendance

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. (“Google”). The information generated by the cookie about your use of our website (including your IP address) will be uploaded to Google and stored on servers in Ireland where it will be stored for up to 26 months after which will be deleted. Google will use this information for the purposes of evaluating your use of our website, compiling site activity reports on site operators, and providing other services related to website activity and internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties, if required by law, or if such third parties process the information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate your IP address with any other data Google owns. For more information about Googles Privacy Policy, visit

If you want to prevent this service from saving cookies, you can do it here.

How can users update, edit, or delete their personal information?

Q i.p. collects user data in accordance with EU regulations and the Implementation Act of the General Data Protection Regulation.

Each user can at any time:

  • Request access to your personal information and request the updating of personal information and any inaccuracies.
  • Ask us to provide you with more information on how we use your information.
  • Receive personal information about you that you have provided us in a structured, customized, and legally-readable format and, where technically feasible, to transfer this information to the other handler without any obstruction if your data processing is based on your consent and is conducted in an automated way.
  • Request deletion of personal information of users and request deletion of data for which there is no legal basis for use. Since users can only request the deletion of their personal information, we may ask you to verify identity before requesting to protect the user.
  • In cases where processing is based on consent and related to any direct marketing, withdraw its consent with effect in the future in order to stop with such a specific processing.
  • Complain on any processing (including profiling) based on a legitimate interest due to your specific situation unless the reasons for such processing are stronger than the right to protection of personal data.
  • Ask us to limit the way we use your information, eg while the complaint is being processed.

Q i.p. may refuse to enforce a claim if this threatens the privacy of the user or other users if the application is contrary to the law, except for the protection of the public interest (eg the prevention or detection of crimes), legal obligations or the rights and freedoms of others.

To access, correct or delete the data, you can refer to: or at the head office of 2. Vrbik 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.

Processing such an application may be a technical and time-consuming process and in complex cases or in the case of a larger number of requests, it takes longer to process data and we will notify you in a legitimate and secure manner.

How do we safeguard the security of your data?

For the purpose of preserving the security, integrity and availability of customers personal data, we provide data with a range of security measures including encryption, authentication, and strictly limited access to data.

Some of the measures we use include:

  • Strictly limited access to personal information based on the principle of “necessary knowledge”
  • Use of data solely in accordance with legitimate interest, contractual obligation or customers day of affairs
  • Setting antivirus programs and firewalls on IT systems for the purpose of detection, prevention of personal data misuse and unauthorized access to data.

How long have we kept your personal information?

Personal data is stored and processed for as long as necessary for the execution of certain legitimate purposes, unless the applicable regulations provide for a longer period of time for a particular purpose.
In the case of giving marketing privileges, we keep the information for as long as the payee does not withdraw. In the case of rejected bids, where no marketing privilege is given, we keep the bid information for a year and in case you ask us to delete it, it will be deleted immediately.
Personal data that is no longer needed or irrevocably anonymized or destroyed in a safe manner.

Complaints, objections, prayers and contacts

Applauds and objections

Write an objection, answer, notice

Pursuant to Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act, in the event you are unsatisfied for any reason, you may file a written complaint to on the internet store.

Q i.p. allows you to file a written complaint by post, phone 098 / 364-427 or via

For a quicker determination of the specific order you have a complaint, please state the order number, account number or your first and last name in your complaint.

Q i.p. will acknowledge receipt of your complaint in writing without delay, and the reply will reach you within 15 (fifteen) days of receipt of your complaint.


For all information, commendations, remarks, complaints as well as any other notifications, Buyers can contact the Seller at 2. Vrbik 6, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia.
Phone: 098 / 364-427

Platform for Online Dispute Resolution

By special EU regulation, as of 15.02.2016, EU-wide online shopping dispute disputes will be possible through the ODR platform. The dispute settlement platform is available on the Internet at
This means that if you encounter a problem during an online purchase within the EU (defective product, product replacement, etc.), you can submit your objection in a quicker and simpler way at the top link.

This link consumers can use for cross-border consumer disputes. For consumer disputes with regard to traders from the Republic of Croatia, this possibility does not exist until the procedure is supported by the required legal regulations by the authorized bodies of the Republic of Croatia.

User registration

In the registration process or creating a user account, the user is required to choose the name or name to access the services and select the security password and submit a valid e- mail address. All the information required to register or create a user account must be true where the use or use of other data is expressly forbidden.

A registration or user account is created for only one person and it is not allowed to communicate registration information or account to third parties. The user is required to keep track of his security password and account information. You are not allowed to use someone elses registration or account.

For violation of the provisions of the Terms in this chapter, company Q inteligentna poljoprivreda d.o.o. reserves the right, according to a free assessment, to terminate the registration or user account of the user, without any obligation to compensate the user for any costs or damages.

Other provisions

1. The Seller grants Customers the right to use all services at “” for personal purposes only, for non-commercial purposes. Changing the content to “” in any form thereof is forbidden as well as copying, publishing, etc. The use of “” content on other websites is forbidden.

2. The Seller reserves the right to grant the right to publish any material, parts of “” to a third party only in the case of a concluded contract governing the Sellers rights and obligations and the third party publishing the information.

3. When purchasing any product subject to copyrights or intellectual property rights, the Seller does not grant any additional rights of use and disclosure, except as expressly granted or licensed by the manufacturer / distributor of the Product.

4. When “” provides appropriate links to other peoples web sites, they are not owned by the Seller and these General Terms and Conditions apply to the Seller and the Buyer when using the web site concerned. The seller of this website does not control and accepts any responsibility for any of them or their content. Visit to these sites is entirely at your own risk and the Seller is not responsible for any liability.

5. Although the Seller makes a strong effort to ensure that all published product information is accurate, it is possible that information about a particular product is not up-to-date or accurate, and in that case, the Seller will notify the Buyer who submitted the order after which the Buyer has the right to remain in his order or is changed. Photos with the products are only illustrative of nature.

6. The buyer confirms that all the discussions of the ratings, comments, public and non-private nature, and therefore the employees of Q inteligentna poljoprivredad.o.o. they can control Customer Communications without their knowledge and explicit permission.

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